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FreeIslā generates a simple Islāmic Will for individuals who are not liable for inheritance tax/ estate tax or other similar taxes levied on the estate of the deceased after death. For instance, in the U.K. if your estate is valued above the nil rate band, which is currently £325,000 you may be liable for inheritance tax at 40% above the nil rate band

If you wish to create your free Islāmic Will on line you will need to register. After you have completed your Will you will have the opportunity to save your Will so as to be able to make future amendments or print it out without saving it.  

If you have large amount of wealth you should seek expert advise from appropriate professionals to try to minimize the amount of tax that will be levied on your estate after your death. FreeIslāmicWill can put you in touch with appropriate professionals for a free consultation. 

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