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Buy book on Islāmic Laws of Wills and Inheritance

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This book is a detailed discourse of Islāmic law pertaining to Wills and inheritance, according to the four main Islāmic schools of jurisprudence, as well as the legal rulings of the classical and contemporary Salafi jurists.

All aspects of the subject matter and related subjects, such as marriage, divorce, gifts, trusts and endowments (waqf) are discussed in detail, with the aid of well over 200 calculated examples and 200 illustrations.

It provides comprehensive and easily accessible knowledge to this important aspect of family law. The text is clear and unambiguous, together with a glossary and a detailed index.

This work will prove a useful resource for both students of Islāmic law and solicitors/ lawyers seeking information about Islāmic succession law in drafting Islāmic Wills and in the distribution of the deceased's estate from the simplest to the most complex cases that one is likely to encounter.

The book contains a detailed schedule of inheritance shares which could be used when drafting an Islāmic Will.


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