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Muslim Matrimony for Professionals FIW-MMP© Info.



Muslim Matrimony for Professionals (FIW-MMP©) is a private section of FreeIslā© ideally designed for well-educated higher professional Muslims who are religiously conscientious. It has been set up to help Muslims find a lifelong marriage partner in a halāl manner, those who are seeking marriage to attain the pleasure of Allāh (). It has been examined and approved from a Sharīʿa perspective by Shaikh Waquar Azeem Nadwi and Mufti Amjad Mohammed of The Olive Foundation. Although it is primarily designed for Muslims residing in the U.K. suitable candidates not residing in the U.K. may be considered in exceptional circumstances. The whole process is designed so that you can maintain anonymity and dignity while making further inquiries/ details about a particular profile through the webmaster until you feel comfortable to communicate directly. If you wish to submit a prospective candidate's profile for seeking a marriage partner you must register with the website first.

Our aim is not to make money, it is a free service to gain the pleasure of Allāh (). 

All registrants are kindly requested to act in a morally responsible and ethical manner from an Islāmic perspective, which includes being truthful, any behaviour considered to be unreasonable will mean termination of access and/ or deletion/ blocked account forthwith.


Key features:

  • Sharīʿa compliant structure (Approved by Islāmic scholars)
  • Highly selective database
  • Highly detailed profiles
  • Completely confidential
  • Advanced search (up to 12 search criteria when fully operational)
  • Protection (contact details hidden)
  • SSL Certificate
  • Data Protection Act registered
  • A Premium service for Free


The whole process of finding a suitable spouse involves the following 4 steps:

Register on the FreeIslāmicWill website here, then:

  1. Apply to join Muslim Matrimony for Professionals, click here
  2. Submit a profile, click here
  3. Search for a suitable a spouse (if you already have a profile on the site), click here 
  4. Express an interest in a prospective future spouse by entering the Candidate ID in the relevant box and click submit.

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1. Apply to Join the Muslim Matrimony for Professionsal (Eligibility form)

As the Muslim Matrimony for Professionals (FIW-MMP©) section is designed to cater primarily for Muslim professionals in the U.K. the eligibility criteria form acts as a screening tool to try to ensure that only the intended sub-group of individuals submit a profile. It also protects the database from unwarranted profiles. This will save everybody's time and efforts. There would be little point in completing a lengthy profile which is not suitable for this website and would be rejected. It is recommended that the person completing the registration form is a close relative of the prospective candidate whom he/ she knows very well or the candidate himself/ herself. 

Firstly, register on the website here and then complete the eligibility criteria form here.


2. Submit a profile

If you fulfil the criteria you will be able to submit a profile for registration, click here. The candidate you submit must match the details you submitted on the eligibility form. The registration process has been designed in such as a manner so as to ensure that all relevant information is disclosed so that the prospective candidates can be matched as closely as possible, this will save everybody’s time.  The profile does not need to be completed in one go, you may save the details and return back to it to complete the form. The profile will not be visible to other users until it has been evaluated by the FIW-MMP© staff and approved.

As you will no doubt be aware during the process of finding a suitable future husband or wife there are situations that if a certain piece of information had been available earlier you may have decided not to proceed any further, such as financial debts, an ongoing divorce settlement, a certain inherited condition which runs in the family or certain religious beliefs/ practices etc. Insha’Allāh by answering all the questions such a situation can be avoided and it will be possible to find a lifelong spouse who shares the same values and outlook on life. 


3. Search for a suitable spouse on FIW-MMP©

After your profile has been approved you will have access to the search facility of the Muslim Matrimony for Professionals database, click here. You will be able to carry out a detailed search of the profiles on FIW-MMP© using up to 12 or more different criteria including educational qualifications (secular and religious), religious beliefs and practices. The profiles are completely anonymous at this stage, all contact details of the registrant and the prospective candidate are hidden. To try and facilitate registered users to find a suitable future spouse we may promote registered profiles in an anonymous manner.


4. Express an Interest in a Prospective Spouse 

If there is someone whom you may be interested in you should contact FIW-MMP© to “Express an Interest” quoting the candidate ID of the profile you are interested in. This facility appears on the search results page. As a general rule, it is customary for the prospective groom's side to make the first move (i.e. Express an Interest). FIW-MMP© may be able to assist in obtaining further details or clarification of information submitted in the profile from the other party before you Express an Interest. You may only Express an Interest in one candidate at a time.

After you have Expressed an Interest FIW-MMP© will contact the other party, who will view your profile and state if they are interested as well. If both parties are agreeable FIW-MMP© pass on the contact details of the two parties to each other, allowing them to communicate with each other. It will be your responsibility to verify all the information that was submitted by the other party on this website to be wholly accurate before proceeding any further. It is preferable to communicate with the other party via email or Skype initially rather than via mobile phones, do not lower your guard until you are sure you wish to proceed further. Also, note that you may Express an Interest in only one candidate at a time, this means that while pursuing one candidate you may not edit your registered profile nor Express an Interest in another candidate until the first matter is concluded.


Removal / Deletion of a Profile (Candidate) 

The registered user may delete his/ her profile at any time otherwise, profiles will be removed after one year of listing, but the user may request for it not to be removed. The FIW admin may remove, delete or block access to a registered user as per the website Terms & Conditions


Dua and Salat-ul-Istikhara 

Always remember to make dua and offer salat-ul-istikhara during the process of finding your future husband or wife. Remember human beings are not perfect so trying to fulfil all the requirements on your "Wish List" may not always be possible, do your best but put your trust in Allāh (), marriages are made in heaven. 


"Our Lord, bless us with wives and children, who may be the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders of the righteous."



Topics to Discuss 

Here is a list of some topics which you may wish to discuss. The list has been numbered so you can ask a question by number in case the question is awkward to ask directly: 

  1. The profile submitted by the registrant has been seen and approved by the prospective candidate 
  2. Any history of drug abuse, alcohol intake, intimate relationships
  3. Sexual orientation
  4. Religious/ spiritual beliefs and goals in life 
  5. Views on music, hijāb, beard, zabiha meat 
  6. Following particular scholars or a particular madhhab
  7. Any Financial debts/ loan
  8. Current salary of husband, can he support a family? 
  9. Islāmic marriage (nikah) only or register the marriage as well 
  10. Living with in-laws or not
  11. Relocation after marriage
  12. Will the wife be working after marriage?
  13. Any plans to work abroad? 
  14. Roles and responsibilities of a husband 
  15. Roles and responsibilities of a wife 
  16. Raising children 
  17. Where do you want to be in 2, 5, 10 years? 
  18. Plans for Umra/ Hajj? 
  19. Pre-marital counselling 
  20. Agreeable to having a marriage contract? (see sample of Muslim marriage contract here and reasons for having one here


After You Find Your Future Spouse 

After you have found your future spouse we kindly request that you make dua for those you helped in the process and to inform FIW-MMP© so that the profile can be removed. 


Useful Information 

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