In the name of Allāh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Certificate of Stillbirth

This information is primarily for those living in the U.K. (in particular England & Wales)


4.  CERTIFICATE OF STILLBIRTH (child over 24 weeks pregnancy) 

  1. If a child is stillborn (no signs of life at all and more than 24 weeks) the doctor will issue a certificate of Stillbirth. 
  1. The certificate of stillborn needs to be registered with the register office within 42 days (21 days in Scotland). 
  1. There is no need for ghusl or janaza for such a stillborn child 
  1. If the child is stillborn and less than 24 weeks pregnancy the hospital will issue a birth card, there is no need to register, there is no need for ghusl or janāza