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Welcome to the© website. This website provides information and services free of any cost to Muslims and health care professionals. Any comments and suggestions are welcome via [email protected] or via the feedback form.

Currently, the following information/ articles are available on the following subjects on the website:

  • General information about Islām and Islāmic law
  • Articles on Marriage and Divorce, including Matrimonial for Professionals and Muslim Marriage Contract
  • Several articles on Islāmic Wills and Islāmic inheritance law (some articles can only be viewed by registered users)
  • Articles on death related issues such as what to do for the dying Muslim patient, establishing the cessation of life and what needs to be done after death.
  • Information for health care professionals including the compilation of fatāwa on Islāmic bioethics
  • Presentation slides on a number of subjects


Currently, the following services are available on free of cost. All services on FreeIslamicWill are Sharīʿa complaint having been checked by authentic Islāmic scholars. 

  • Customised Free Islāmic Will online
  • Customised FIW Muslim Marriage Contract , FIW-MMC©, (prenuptial agreement) online