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Welcome to FIW Online.

Welcome to the© website. This website provides information and services free of any cost to Muslims and health care professionals. Any comments and suggestions are welcome via or via the feedback form.

Currently, the following information/ articles are available on the following subjects on the website:

  • General information about Islām and Islāmic law
  • Articles on Marriage and Divorce, including Matrimonial for Professionals and Muslim Marriage Contract
  • Several articles on Islāmic Wills and Islāmic inheritance law (some articles can only be viewed by registered users)
  • Articles on death related issues such as what to do for the dying Muslim patient, establishing the cessation of life and what needs to be done after death.
  • Information for health care professionals including the compilation of fatāwa on Islāmic bioethics
  • Presentation slides on a number of subjects

Currently, the following services are available on free of cost. All services on FreeIslamicWill are Sharīʿa complaint having been checked by authentic Islāmic scholars.

  • Customised Free Islāmic Will online
  • Customised FIW Muslim Marriage Contract, FIW-MMC©,(prenuptial agreement) online